Wk 7 & 8 Different Perspectives

MKMMA | 0 comments | by Dr. Andrew Millar

Wk 7 & 8 Different Perspectives


Sometines we see old ladies and sometimes we see beautiful young women.  It all depends on our perspective.  When we’re young, we see the features of age, so unlike ourselves, and label them different.  When we are older, we see the same features, so similar to ourselves, and label them like us.  The same is true with these weekly lessons from Haanel.

Check out how Andrea views her week:

“As week 7 comes to a close and a symbol of completion in some semblance, the image is gradually becoming clearer.  I am what I WILL to be resonates daily in my mind, and my mouth says it with enthUSIASM several times a day.  I find that I am operating from a place of more boldness, owning my thoughts and creation while subbing out the negative thoughts.”


And here’s Larry’s take on the week:

“As Emerson said you have to give to get and I am ready to give my all.  I am vitalizing my affirmations creatively with recordings, guy in the mirror, taped affirmations strategically placed all over the house and in my office and utilizing the compass I purchased as a powerful metaphor to grow towards my Dharma.  Thought is the mind in motion and thought creates the pathway when you can focus it and direct it properly.”


It just goes to show us we all bring different life experiences to these lessons and so we pull out of them our own perspectives.