Week 2 – Momentum Gathers

MKMMA | 0 comments | by Dr. Andrew Millar

Week 2 - Momentum Gathers

This has been a great week as a Guide to watch my members process the MKE information.  As I told someone, this is not a difficult course but it is also not an easy course, especially in the beginning.  Much of our success depends on our willingness to plunge in and meet each challenge as it appears.  We get to see how our old blueprint wants us to respond under stress, recognize it and change the pattern.  After all, in the beginning, that is the job of the Conscious Mind. Plant the seed as my member Aissa puts it so well:

“Just imagine that your life is a garden.

The soil is your mind, the seeds are your thoughts, and water are your actions.”

You can follow her full blog at https://intoku48615144.wordpress.com/

Or as Larry Wright writes:

“I am happily and earnestly working through all of the details and the specificity of the Master Key Experience and making sure I am doing everything properly and in a timely manner.”

Now that is holding the right intention.  Read Larry at https://thesnakeden.home.blog/

Carol Cain does a good job explaining how it is going for her at https://onwiththenewme.home.blog/

“It’s been a challenging time this week with completing all of the reading and assignments, but I have been absolutely determined to stick to the plan and keep the momentum going no matter what.  Mostly because, “I always keep my promises” rang in the space between my ears like a gong when I would even half consider letting something slide.  Cool effect!  It works like a champ and that’s what I want, real change.”

So, all we need to do is to remember that the Conscious Mind is the gatekeeper to our Subconscious Mind and that we may use our will to condition and train ourselves according to creative thought.