Week 3-A – When All Else Fails…

MKMMA | 0 comments | by Dr. Andrew Millar

I’ve been experiencing an interesting phenomena: as I assist others in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, I am challenged to focus on my business and on staying involved in the MKMMA course itself.

As usual, by reading the blogs of those in the course, of their inner and outer process as they align themselves with these teachings, it assists me in re-centering myself. Cool beans.

Another ‘aha moment’ for me recently is an awareness of the importance and the difference between my meditation and ‘the sit’. For me my daily meditation is a very specific activity. I’ve been doing it since I was twenty-five with an even greater devotion in the last twenty years. I mention this because it definitely is my priority when I sit down and close my eyes every morning. Truthfully, after an hour of what I call my Spiritual Exercises, I’m done, I’m cooked, I’m primed for the day.

As a consequence, I have not fully given ‘the sit’ the attention it deserves. Today I gave it my full attention. I employed the advanced techniques that Mark teaches and I found it very valuable. Information came forward that I had veen unable to access consciously. (Ironically, I learned those self-same techniques years ago in a personal growth seminar but have never been consistent with them.) “When all else fails, follow directions.” Ever hear that one?

My life certainly is as joyful as I make it. Haanel is all over the thought process, our control of it and taking responsibility for its effects.

Make mine a jigger of Joy over Loving in a daily shot of Enthusiasm!