Dr. Andrew’s prescription for feeling better than ever!

Do you feel really, really good? How long has it been since you really felt your best?

All of us live our lives in cycles and we can all remember when we have had down cycles and up cycles. Let’s look at what we are doing when we are in a down cycle.
Sleep is usually a key factor. If we are not getting adequate sleep, our body fails to regenerate fully and various systems begin to degrade. There can be multiple causes for poor sleep habits, but the end result is the same. Worry, anxiety and stress top the list. Poor nutrition (too much sugar in the diet), over-work, and simply bad habits all can be a cause. The important thing to remember is that it produces a downward cycle that can be difficult to change. The more tired we become, the less energy we have available to make a change.

Another key factor is exercise. Often if we are in a down cycle we are not exercising with any regularity, if at all ! We forget how ‘working out’ stimulates the circulation, which delivers fresh oxygen and carries away waste material at a cellular level. And you don’t have to go to a gym to do it. All of the major studies which have shown the positive value of regular exercise were done with the subjects walking!
The final key factor that is usually present when we are in a down cycle, when we feel lousy, when we may be catching colds, not able to shake them after we’ve caught them, is poor eating habits. Please, you say, don’t start talking to me about this stuff again. There is a reason that ‘this stuff’ keeps showing up. It’s because it has such a critical effect on our vitality. We are housed in an incredible machine which takes huge amounts of abuse. The body is given all manner of insult and it keeps adapting, it keeps producing for us. And then one season we notice aches and pains that were never there before, or some that went away after a while but now refuse to. The body can no longer adapt because we have abused it for too long. So, now we begin to pay the price.

Up Cycles

If we are lucky, we can change direction and pull ourselves out of a down cycle by starting exercise, making adequate sleep a priority, and eliminating those foods we know are unhealthy for us.
I have noticed in myself and others as I have gotten older that it becomes more and more difficult to pull out of a down cycle. We seem to stay in them for longer periods of time, and when we do effect change, it seems much more of a challenge to maintain it. Eternal vigilance is the key to freedom.

Drugs vs Nutrition

If you are reading this and you know you are in a down cycle, and that it has been a long, long time since you really felt good, know that you can make a change.
It begins with recognizing that you have a choice. Bad habits persisted in will produce health problems. Good habits persisted in will correct them. A chiropractic adjustment to the spin is one of those good habits. Understand that we cause our health problems through poor lifestyle choices. If we have not been taking care of ourselves, around about the age of 40 we begin to notice problems that do not go away. Remember that it has taken years of wrong choices to get this far. Drugs are attractive to us at first because we don’t seem to need to make a change to get better, the drug does it for us. If we use them to help our problems this is what happens: the drugs are very good at correcting the function but they are not designed to heal the body. The result is that we are on the drug forever. If we end up on three drugs at once we will need one or two more to handle the side effects; if we are on up to five drugs, we will need at least two or three more to handle the side effects . This is what is known as a slippery slope. Drugs put an extra strain on the body and challenge the liver to metabolize and detoxify them.

The Chiropractic Solution

Hippocrates, the Father of Healing and the greatest clinician of all time, stated flatly that “physical structure is the basis of medicine” and went into great detail concerning the importance to health of a well-adjusted spine.
There is no substitute for the chiropractic adjustment of the spine. It invigorates the body’s whole nervous system and paves the way to allow you to utilize nutritional supplements effectively. Keep in mind that every organ, tissue, and cell in your body is connected to your Central Nervous system. It is a command center computer of such extraordinary complexity that it continues to leave today’s scientific community in awe. We do know that when the individual bones of your back (vertabrae) become jammed up and restricted in their movement, it interferes with the central computer’s ability to do its job. The result: headaches, visual disturbances, ear infections, breathing problems, digestive issues, etcetera, etcetera.

Now perhaps you can begin to understand why Chiropractic is the largest drugless healing society in the world. This is why I say to you that if you are tired of being tired and you are ready to make a change, reduce or eliminate your drug dependence, eat well, sleep right, exercise, and seek chiropractic care.
If you are sick, run, don’t walk, to my office!