“For a month I had pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. I was prescribed drugs that made it impossible to function normally and needed an alternative. I still had pain even while taking the drugs. Someone I knew had recommended seeing a chiropractor, so I searched the Internet for one that I knew was near my home. The day I called Dr. Millar he was able to see me. That in itself was a great relief.

After an initial examination, Dr. Millar explained in detail what was causing the pain I was having and what he would be doing to correct the problem. His thorough explanation put me at ease and removed much apprehension I had about seeing a chiropractor. Dr.Millar made it clear from the beginning that that the most important thing was that I felt comfortable about any of the care he was giving me. After a few visits and without drugs, I was finally feeling relief.

Dr. Millar has proved to me that what he does works. I never mentioned to him that my hip had been aching for years, as I just figured it was a normal aging thing. After the first few visits, I noticed that I no longer have pain in my hip anymore either!

Overall, my experience with Dr. Millar has been very good. He is professional, caring and very easy to talk to. I would recommend him to family and friends (and I have!).”

— Donna Pope,Lagrangeville

“I have been working in the field of HVAC/R for 15 years. I have had many back injuries over the years. I have been treated by 6 different chiropractors with limited success. Six months ago I fell and injured my lower back and hip. After treatment I continued to struggle with hip and lower back pain. I blamed it on myself because I was 15 lbs overweight and was not active in sports at the time.

Two weeks ago I re-injured my lower back & hip at work. I searched the web and found Dr. Millar’s website. I knew after the first visit I was in good hands.

After the first treatment the major discomfort in my lower back was gone. Gradually my hip has improved. Dr. Millar also gives great advice and keeps it simple. He has gifted hands and I am confident in his methods. He treats each visit with care.

I recommend him to anyone looking for a gifted and confident chiropractor!”

— Michael A. Lavoie, 35 yr.-oldtechnician

“A few days before Christmas for no particular reason my back began to hurt me once again. I did what I usually do when my back begins to hurt: I took a few Advil, rested in bed and hoped it would begin to get better. Well, after a few days of rest and many Advil, my back began to feel worse than ever so I went to the pharmacy and purchased cold and hot packs and a tube of Ben Gay. I was hopeful that the combination of Advil and the hot and cold pack applications would alleviate my pain and correct my injured back.

Two days later I in more pain ever and I was desperate for help. I was fairly certain that a trip to my primary physicians office would leave me with some type of Muscle relaxer prescription which I knew if they worked would be a temporary fix at best. I had experienced back pain in the past and thought about going to a Chiropractor however the episodes of severe pain usually subsided within a few days and I simply became used to living my life with a moderate amount of discomfort. This time the pain was severe and it did not go away as it usually did I needed relief right away and decided to call Dr. Andrew to schedule an appointment. I explained to Dr. Andrew that I was in severe pain and he agreed to see me right away.

After my first visit to Dr. Andrew my level of pain went down a few notches and I was able to relax a little bit. The next day I received an adjustment as well as an X ray of my spine, neck and hips. The X rays revealed that my neck, spine and hips each had issues that were causing my life long discomfort. Dr. Andrew came up with a plan to correct the issues I have had with my neck spine and hips and I am happy to say that after several weeks I feel better that I have in 20 years. My pain has totally subsided and for the first time in many years my back does not feel stiff and sore after I wake up in the morning. I plan on continuing my Chiropractic care with Dr. Andrew and look forward to correcting the issues with my neck, spine and hips.

In fact I’m bringing my three boys in, too, because Dr. Andrew says early chiropractic care can make a big difference later on.”

— Ron Rosen,Poughquag New York

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