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Week 16 – “The Subtle Forces of Thought… “

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“The subtle forces of thought as they crystallize in our daily moods is what constitutes life.” Haanel 16-11.

How well expressed! Is not our thought process the essence of how we are to ourselves? And is not the attempt to control our thoughts often the stated goal of meditation?

It’s when we try to quiet our thoughts that we discover the ‘monkey mind’ that just won’t leave us alone. Thus we learn of the value of focusing our minds on a single ‘mantra’, “a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.”

– OM –

So, Haanel states that thought constitutes life. Then why do varied disciplines advocate eradicating or channeling thought down to a repetitively single concept in order to experience increased awareness of self?

Is there perhaps an awareness beyond thought, achieved or experienced in the absence of thought or thinking that, in and of itself, cannot be expressed through thought or its clumsy counterpart, words?

Worth asking, don’t you think?

Truth to tell, most of my day is not spent in meditation but in thought. In this sense I agree with Haanel that life is made up of these moods crytallized by thought. To me, moods are emotional states and emotional states are created by thought processes whether conscious or subconscious.

Now we are getting back to the importance of training our subconscious. So often I find myself “in” a mood without understanding how I got there. Introspection can lead me to identify the trigger and I usually find it to be an unresolved issue floating around my ‘subby.’

Three cheers for resolving issues consciously at the time they show up. A current film, Manchester By The Sea, explores the consequences if we are unable to. I saw it last night and awoke in the night from a harrowing dream where I couldn’t escape danger because an invisibility cloak on everything blinded me to what was going on. Not unlike stuffing an experience down onto my subconscious and then not knowing why I am feeling and acting in ways that don’t align with how I want to be.

I know this is Psychology 101 but it bears repeating. Having information and acting on it are not the same. “Knowledge will not apply itself.” 10-23.

One definition of the word acknowledge is ‘to act knowingly,’ thereby demonstrating that we have the understanding of the knowledge beyond the information level.

The good news here is that we are in charge of what we think about to the extent that we are able to consciously resolve emotional challenges and stay in the clear. Add to that Mr. Mandino’s recommendation “Good habits are the key to all success.” Now we’ve got a great recipe for becoming more of who we already are and “we shall have found the ‘Truth’ which makes us ‘free’ from every lack or limitation of any kind.” 16-37.


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Week 15 – A Closed Fist

MKMMA | 0 comments | by Dr. Andrew Millar

Take your hand.

Close it into a fist. List the ways now that you can use it.

Hmm… Sometimes my life feels like this. That I’m pushing too hard, that I go to grasp something and I push it away or knock it over or, worst of all, inflict harm without meaning to.

I’ve been taught that the doors to heaven open inwardly, towards me. That I need to learn to step back and allow life to flow towards me.

“All the great eternal forces act in solemn silence, but it is in our power to place ourselves in harmony with them and thus express a life of comparative peace and happiness.” Haanel, 15-2.

It has been my experience that when I exercise the two great laws of spirit, acceptance and cooperation, I set the stage to experience the harmony of which Haanel writes.

When my fist opens up, my hand can relax. I can let go. I can hold your hand now, open the door for you, be of greater service to you.

I can also let go of that which no longer serves me, creating opportunity for that which does. “Growth is attained through an exchange of the old for the new, of the good for the better,…” Haanel 15-4.

Truth is, we’ve been hearing this wisdom for years.

Fact is, this program is lightin’ a fire under us!


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Week 14 – “Yet there are many who are not ready…” Haanel 14-24.

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And so after several months of intense training, of preparing ourselves, our minds, our habits, we are now stepping forward to easily embrace that which may have seemed formidable in late September.

Our training is such now that this week, when we are asked to embrace the validity that our thoughts create our reality, we easily embrace this working truth. “Thought is the only reality, conditions are but the outward manifestations” 14-25.

I watched the film October Sky with my wife last night. Of course the Hollywood production reduced us to a puddle but the strength and commitment demonstrated by Homer and his crew were terrific to witness. All the requirements for persistence were present beginning with a Definite Major Purpose backed by a burning desire. He seemed to have his posse (MasterMind Alliance) in place before he even had a Plan Of Action. He demonstrated a Positive Mental Attitude time and again.

Homer’s story also happened to demonstrate the Hero’s Journey which I am sure we are all going to learn more about really soon.

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Week 13 – “Thought Is A Spiritual Activity …”

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A commonly accepted definition of the spiritual is that it is that which we cannot see; the invisible. By that standard, both my emotions and my thoughts are spiritual because they cannot be ‘seen’ on this physical level. Each can be perceived each on its own level.

Interestingly for me, by this definition, spirit can be good or bad. I have always thought of spiritual activity in a positive light but clearly destructive thoughts and emotions can make for some bad ‘juju.’ This leads us to Charles Haanel’s explanation “Thought is a spiritual activity and is therefore creative, but make no mistake, thought will create nothing unless it is consciously, systematically, and constructively directed…”. 13-23.

He wants us to project “a thought into the Universal Substance from which all things are created.” 13-25. At that point we are to let it go and allow the Omniscience and Omnipotence of Universal Mind to take over. He’s basically saying that it knows how to deliver the goods so don’t sweat it. In fact, let it go, hold the focus and trust that “the proper channel to be used to materialize our demand” will be created by that which is greater than are we but of which we are a part.

So really our part is to hold the focus and maintain the image of our Definite Main Purpose and trust that Universal Mind has it and will manifest it in its own timing. Oh, and remember to come into the realization that we “part of the whole.”

A central aspect of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance for me has been to work Haanel’s vision of Universal Mind into my pre-existing spiritual framework. So I get to ask myself if his Universal Mind is equivalent to my “Infinite Ocean of Love and Mercy?” And maybe on a greater level it doesn’t make any difference until it does. Haanel’s presentation, which, as little I know, sounds to me similar to Science of Mind doctrine, does not deviate for me from my belief in Higher Powers and its progressive authority.

To this end, I willingly embrace these teachings as a valuable vehicle of consciousness to create more of this heaven on earth.

The good Lord knows we sure can use it. Especially me.

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Week 12 – “…another name for love.”

MKMMA | 0 comments | by Dr. Andrew Millar

“The principle which gives the thought the dynamic power to correlate with its object, …is the law of attraction, which is another name for love.” Haanel, 12-18.

Alright, we are finally getting to it. Universal Mind is critical for us to identify with and align our thinking. It’s the source from which we imprint our ideal. But without love, baby, it’s just so much laundry blowin’ in the wind!

“Feeling is desire, and desire is love.” 12-18. Oh, but love is so much more than just feeling. And yet it is that feeling which powers the law of attraction such that we can manifest that upon which we focus. For our purposes in this course that may well be enough.

So let’s call it ‘loving’ instead of love. Isn’t it the be-all and the end-all? Period. Loving is the stuff, the glue, that holds it all together. What do I mean by ‘it’? Everything, It of Itself. To me there is no greater representation of what Eastern thought calls Absolute Reality than recognizing that loving is the matrix through which we exist.

All of which is pretty high-minded rhetoric when what we need to know here and now is ‘good habits are the key to all success.’ And that ‘neurons that fire together, wire together.’ That’s how we ‘create the necessary brain cells which will enable you to comprehend the unlimited powers which may be yours by cooperating with Natural Law.’12-25.

‘I greet this day with love in my heart.’ Let us follow the advice of Rumi, the 13 century Persian poet and Sufi master:

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.”

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Week 11 – Nonplussed ‘In Irons’

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A sailing vessel is ‘in irons’ when it is pointed into the wind, into the direction from whence the wind blows. The sail cannot be filled because the wind blows equally on each side of it. The result is that the boat can make no headway. The skipper tries to steer the boat to one side or the other hoping the wind will finally begin to fill the sails. He is mostly at the mercy of the current or the ocean swells.

This is how my week has felt to me. I have been going through the paces but I feel curiously distant from my DMP and Press Release.

So it is a great new chapter to read from our friend Og. “Always will I take another step.” Do we really have a choice? The Law of Growth suggests not. It seems we progress. It is how we choose to progress that marks our differences. Simply by writing about my sense of confusion it begins to move within me as though the greater current of Universal Mind (Spirit) is slowly shifting my bow across the wind, slowly filling my sails again.

Blog as therapy! Why not? All expression (speaking, writing, dance, drawing, etc.) is a reaching out and connecting to the greater whole.

Haanel (11-28): “The spirit which … reaches its highest development in man is the Universal Mind,…” and (11-29) “By far the greatest discovery of all the centuries is the power of thought.”

I find myself pushing against these claims even as I am learning to direct my thinking in concentrated ways to create what I want. It would seem that I have created for myself an unnecessary quandary. No wonder I feel that I’ve been ‘in irons.’

So, even as I embrace and practice the techniques of mind control, I continue to embrace and practice the techniques of soul transcendence. I realize that they are not self-exclusive, rather self-inclusive.

Truth is truth, how can it be anything but itself? And that which is true for one may be different for another. That which is true for me today may well (hopefully) change tomorrow. The traveler on the valley floor sees a different truth than the traveler higher in the hills, it doesn’t make either of them less so.

I truly love this discipline that Mark and Davene are bringing to us. I’ve heard it said “use something as long as it works for you and if it stops working, have the wit to move to something that does.” I declare that as a cohort of students in this MKMMA, we have had the wit to move to something that does work for us!

In sailing, the exact opposite of a boat head-first into the wind, ‘in irons’, is when the boat’s completely turned around with its sail fully extended, ‘running before the wind.’


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Week 10 – “Believe”

MKMMA | 0 comments | by Dr. Andrew Millar

Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of ‘belief’: ‘a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing.’

We use a Blueprint Builder every day in this course that has us recite to ourselves: “I will induce others to believe in me because I will believe in them and in myself.” Is this the core of these teachings? Why are any of us participating in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance? Each of has their own reasons and they all probably boil down to wanting to create a more positive experience of ourselves in the world. I say ‘in the world’ because that’s the ‘DO’ part and we have been shown how we benefit most by developing the ‘BE’ part first. We have spent the first third of the course drilling into ourselves three or more times a day a new blueprint that focuses on all three parts of the BE-DO-HAVE evolution of consciousness.

And now slowly but surely the Beingness part of us is taking hold. Now there are moments when I am that which I have been projecting myself to become. It’s like the profile of the Victorian lady Davene showed us (or was it an old hag). I watch myself slip back and forth between my ‘old’ sense of self and my desired one. I find myself entangled in familiar, dead-end arguments that trigger the old neuro(tic)n wired patterns of thinking and feeling. Now, in that moment, I stop feeling sorry for myself long enough to know (notice) this I do not want and I begin to consciously insert the image or thought to produce the feeling I do want. (Law of Substitution)! Other times I notice euphoria and certainty are present.

I am who I am willing myself to be. This is a habit of mind. One in which I have confidence in myself.


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Week 9 – “To think correctly is to enter into the ‘Secret Place of the Most High.’

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This week’s lesson from Haanel is about the process known as thinking. Our ability to observe ourselves and then choose what to think separates us from all other known life forms. Yeah, so what? you say. Well, here’s the deal. Since we can think whatever we choose to think, we should be able to create a paradise on earth. And yet most of us in this course are here because somehow we have fallen short, so far, of that paradise.

But fear not, help is on the way in the form of directed thinking. Is it really that simple a solution, you ask? And Haanel answers, Yes. I said simple, not easy. Here’s a shorthand version of the formula for a harmonious life. Wait a minute. Before I give you this formula there is a conundrum that is part of it. You have to create harmony within yourself before you can create harmony for yourself. I know that sounds like a riddle but consider this: the distance between New York and Los Angeles seems enormous until you look at it from a satellite 20 miles above the earth.

And that is what Mark J has been drilling into us for the last several months. We are learning how to be and from that place of selfhood we act by controlling our thoughts, by directing our thinking, our imagination. We imagine our heart’s desire and create a definite major purpose for ourselves. And then we visualize on the inner screens of our minds the completed image/experience of our purpose. Oh yeah, and then we pour on some jet fuel and ignite our passion like only our hearts desire can!

Our Thoughts + Our Desire = Our Belief x Action = Results of The Highest Order

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Week 8 – “Neurons That Fire Together Wire Together.”

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The late, great Wilhelm Reich, M.D. is rolling over in his grave, sitting up straight and saying, “Vhat took you so long, I toldt you over 75 years ago dat der vas a connection between your emotions and your body!” As Sigmund Freud’s prize pupil, he was ostracized by his teacher for making such a claim. He went on to establish Reichian Therapy which in turn fostered Structural Integration (Rolfing) and its progeny: Bioenergetics, Hellerwork, Aston Patterning, Rosen Method Bodywork, et al. They are all about identifying and releasing emotions that are stuck in the body.

We have been presented in class with scientific analysis that proves the dendrites and axons of the central nervous system in the brain respond to repetitive mental and emotional stimulus by becoming joined in such a way that they respond more readily to the stimulus which formed them in the first place. So it’s bad enough to learn that the negative affirmations of our parents and teachers e.g. “you’re no good,” you’ll never amount to anything.”, etc have created an actual hard-wired emotional response within us, but now we learn that we are doing it to ourselves.

And once it’s established it behaves like an addiction so that we crave the feeling. That’s the rub. We end up promoting the very emotional state that we want to avoid because its familiarity is comforting.

You mean we want to feel lousy?

Yeah, because we have conditioned ourselves to expect that feeling and now science tells us that we have actually conditioned the neurons in our brains. The more they fire together they wire together.

So here I am eight weeks into this course and I go off to a weekend nutrition seminar to get some continuing ed credits I need and I come back totally stoked by what I’ve learned and I spend the week silently struggling with my Definite Major Purpose and wondering about my direction. I am seriously bummed. As usual I keep it to myself as I try to figure out my direction for myself, knowing all the time that I’ve become a bear to live with. Unwilling to inflict myself any further, by mid-week I unload my whole predicament to my wife who, by the Grace of God, is in this class with me. And she says:

“Hey, man, don’t you remember what we’ve learned? When this happens we’re supposed to re-wire those neurons by repeating all the positive stuff we’ve been developing about how we want to be.”

I stand there frozen, internally fighting the truth of what she’s saying while doing my usual “Help! I want to flee. I want to be anywhere but here!” dialogue with myself whenever I’m confronted with my shortcomings which at this late stage in my life is typically only by her. This takes all of about 25 seconds (she has no idea how forcefully I’m resisting her inside) and then I gracefully capitulate to her logic because, one, anytime I’m resisting anything this forcefully it’s a sign for me to pay attention and two, as usual, she makes sense.

This has been an earth-moving kind of revelation for me and I am still slowly absorbing its ramifications and gingerly applying it in those oh, so rare moments (wink, wink) when I find myself off course.

Herr Doktor Reich, you were right on!

“I can be what I will to be!”

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Week 7 – “Look the ball all the way into your glove.”

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Practice, Practice, Practice

Definition of ‘practice’: “repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in it”

What’s that you say? ‘Stay present.’ Are you kidding? Didn’t you feel the earth shake? The sky fall? Don’t I have to do something? Anything?

Yes. Stay present. Stop your mind racing off on tangents which do not concern you.

What do you mean they don’t concern me? What’s going to happen to our future, our world as we know it?

Stay calm, breathe in, breathe out. Keep it up. Focus on your breathing, notice how the mind calms, the chatter recedes. Now what is in front of you to do?

Do it now.

Well done.

Now what is in front of you to do?

Do it now.

Focus on the doing while you are doing it. ‘Look the ball all the way into your glove,” my grade school coach would say as we learned to play catch.

Practice being present. Let the world take care of itself, you take care of yourself. Keep your opinion to yourself, or better yet, let your opinions wash away like grains of sand in the prospector’s pan, leaving behind the gold nugget of life’s eternal ‘now.’

And so for years I have avoided the recommendation of going on a News Blackout Diet and now, here I am, totally uninterested in what anyone has to say about the state of the world.

I shall take to heart this little ‘talking to’ I’ve given myself. If I can manage to avoid those who like to gossip perhaps I can keep from forming required opinions about situations over which I have no control and, as Ram Dass titled his book, Be Here Now.

“Peace be the journey.” – Mark Januszewski

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