About Dr. Andrew

About Dr. Andrew

Dr. Andrew with his granddaughter Lucy

His story

Andrew’s been a doctor of chiropractic for the last 25 years specializing in nutrition and fascial release bodywork.

His previous careers were in bodywork and natural (organic) foods, owning and operating his own market, so the chiropractic field has proved to be a great synthesis for him. He’s a great believer in the power of simple diet to heal the body, augmented by whole food supplements, when necessary. He now practices virtually concentrating on the digestive system.

And a minister too

Andrew likes to be of service. He was ordained as a minister in The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) in 1985 and finds the learning and growth from his participation central to his life.

He likes to have fun, meditate, write, read, watch sports on television and exercise moderately. His tennis days seem to be in the past but he loves to get out on the water, preferably under sail, and very much enjoys wooded walks. Andrew comes from a family of six boys and he has four sons of his own and five grandchildren who live in Pennsylvania,  Montana and California. He is happily married to Josette and lives in Sherman, Conneticut.