Weeks 23 & 24 – Creation

MKMMA | 0 comments | by Dr. Andrew Millar

This course, Master Key Master Mind Alliance is the brainchild of Mark Januszewki.

In a nutshell, that description captures its essence. This experience for some three hundred of us who stayed with it has been available to us because Mark J dared to think about it. He dared to challenge himself, to take his Hero’s Journey to create the MKMMA for us. He thought about it “Clear, decisive, calm, deliberate, sustained thought with a definite end in view.” He created his Definite Major Purpose and he stuck to his guns. If we are known by our conduct, then we may know Mark & Davene and their supporting cast by that which they have provided us.

Why is it important for us to notice this action? Because they demonstrate to us that which they teach. This course is about manifestation and creation. We have been trained in the fundamentals, we have been drilled in the basics until our thought processes have become habitual.

It seems to me that we need to issue ourselves a warning. These have been hard-won habits of creationism and, like any habit, they can be lost. We need to respect the work we have done to achieve this awareness and honor ourselves by setting our shoulders to the wheel with even greater intention as we enter a less tutored phase of our learning.

Mark and Davene have demonstrated selfless service through the ‘pay it forward’ concept of their course. We owe it to ourselves to mimic that selfless service first to ourselves and second to others by sharing with them the possibilities of self-realization through this course.

So, back to that term ‘brainchild.’ What a great way to describe the genesis of a project. If we recall how long it took some if us to determine our Definite Major Purpose, we can appreciate how this term applies itself. It has been said that all great and enduring truths are simple and self-evident. Focusing in multiple ways with consistent persistence on that which we have defined as our goal and sustaining that focus until we manifest it is certainly simple and self-evident.

Haanel’s Master Keys re-frame the enduring truths of all great thinkers and enable us to anchor them into our lives, along with a healthy dose of Mark J’s correlating awareness. Our final lesson or key lays bare the self-revealing truth of unity of consciousness, that by whatever name, separation is illusory and we are all one in Spirit. That we are in truth co-creators with Spirit of our lives.

Like The Three Musketeers always say: “One for All and All for One!”