Week 3 – I Get It

MKMMA | 0 comments | by Dr. Andrew Millar

Well, certainly not the whole enchilada or there would be no need for another twenty-five weeks of class! But at least I think I got what I didn’t get before.

I kept wondering how this electronic internet connection was to morph into an alliance of minds. There’s a great song in the film version of Saint Francis of Assisi’s life that is sung by Donovan (who is, by the way, appearing soon in my hometown on his 50th Year Tour-

“ Lord, kiss me once more
Fill me with song
Allah, kiss me once more
That I may, that I may
Wear my love like heaven…”

but I digress. The film is entitled “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” (1972) and and the song is:

“The Little Church”

If you want your dream to be

Take your time, go slowly

Do few things but do them well Heartfelt work grows purely

If you want to live life free Take your time, go slowly

Do few things but do them well Heartfelt work grows purely

Day by day, stone by stone Build your secret slowly

Day by day, you’ll grow too You’ll know heaven’s glory …

I was reminded of this song when I consider how Mark has constructed this class. Brick by brick it is revealing itself to us. So we are required to write every week sharing our reflections of our progress in process and to then post it. This week the additional instruction is to consult the master list of blogs and to read and comment on at least five of them.

How great is this? I am reading about everyone else’s process and discovering the unity of experience among us (“Each individual is but the individualization of the Universal, the Cosmic Mind.”) This gives me renewed confidence in the structure of the class going forward. The form slowly revealing itself within us. The constant, repetitious readings (groans slowly, maybe, becoming grins?) Like chisel on marble, bit by bit, day by day, we transform ourselves without realizing it, becoming more of our true selves. And all this time Mark J, Davene & Staff and our Guides hold the completed image of our transformation for us as we move into it.

What service!

“Day by day, stone by stone …”