Week – 22; And It Came To Pass…

MKMMA | 0 comments | by Dr. Andrew Millar

We’ve all seen the picture of the Old Woman who also appears to be a Young Beauty depending upon how you happen to focus on the image.

It’s a great metaphor for understanding consciousness and awareness. She does not change. Her image is static. There is no Wizard behind the curtain manipulating our reality.

And yet depending upon how I focus, my experience of her shifts one hundred and eighty degrees. So what’s this universal experience telling us? Who’s in charge here?

The mantra of the human potential movement of the nineteen-eighties was something like this: “What if you were responsible for creating everything you have in your life? Your family, your friends, your job or career, your dreams and your disasters?”

Well, I have been wrestling with that one since then. I’ve always accepted the possibility. I’ve wanted to believe it true. I’ve even argued for its primacy. I have only had glimpses of its truth from time to time.

Kind of like that moment when The Hag turns into The Damsel. And then back onto The Hag.

This is week Twenty-Two. This has been a consistent daily ritual of awareness for me. I am seriously beginning to see The Damsel more consistently and I am holding (creating) the image for longer periods.

If it is so that we are each an aspect of the divine, of absolute reality, of it of itself, then our devotion to that awareness and the responsibility that comes with it, may be our primary purpose.

For me, in this mundane world of sunrises and sunsets, that looks like being of service to myself and others from moment to moment with as much joy and clarity as an open and loving heart can deliver.