Week 21 – A Second Wind

MKMMA | 0 comments | by Dr. Andrew Millar

Some weeks I feel it and some weeks I don’t.

Seems like the key is to continue regardless of how I feel. “Are your feelings always right?” someone once asked me and I had to admit that how I feel is not always the best barometer for how I am.

So if I can’t trust my feelings, where does that leave me? Guess I better get some altitude, some perspective on what’s going on.

Like maybe check in with my Personal Pivotal Needs and see how they’re doing. Remind myself of the value of the process and measure the amount of progress.

Trust the results.

Expand the vision.

I had a high school track coach who would make us run harder when we began to flag because it would always give us a second wind to keep going.

Patience , persistence, valor and courage.

After all, it’s my life.