Week 20-“In the moment of contraction, expand.”

MKMMA | 0 comments | by Dr. Andrew Millar

I’ve been having my worst week of the course by far. It’s because I have come up against the work required to fulfill one of my Personal Pivotal Needs and I have some baggage that is showing up to hold me back.

Cold-calling businesses. I have done this kind of thing in so many different business circumstances in the past, I assumed it would be no big thing this time. But there’s been a shift and I have been experiencing mortal fear whenever I prepare to enter businesses. Worthiness issues.

By reading of others’ experiences with Power Poses this week I realize this may be the key to expanding my aura before I initiate contact. This is like a revelation from the gods. I give my thanks. My inner turmoil is relaxing.

My other great assistance this week has been reading many of the blogs of our classmates and realizing how we truly are in this progression together. I received great sustenance for my next steps by reading of others’ experiences.