Week 19 – The Beat Goes On

MKMMA | 0 comments | by Dr. Andrew Millar

“…drums keep pounding rhythm to the brave.” I am beginning to feel a quality of inevitability about my Definite Major Purpose. I’m getting moments of crystal clear vision when I know it’s coming forward. (Curious image, that, of it coming to me.)

At the same time I can feel myself flagging. Mark spoke about this several weeks ago; about keeping our guard up against complacency, of going through the steps because I’m committed to them which is different than embracing them with enthoosiasm!

I do feel like we are this small army banded together on our collective hero’s journey, marching week by week towards our destiny, led by our Guides. I think of them as Scouts who have been this way before. They have gone ahead to make sure the way is clear for us. And at the front of this column of intrepid travelers are our Leaders cheering us forward, unwilling to take the steps for us but willing us to find our individual ways, knowing and demonstrating with supreme conviction the rectitude of the process.

We hear the Herald’s call to action.