Week 17 – Founder? Foundering?

MKMMA | 0 comments | by Dr. Andrew Millar


foundered; foundering

intransitive verb – to become disabled, to go lame

found·er     noun

a person who creates or establishes something

Am I founding or foundering? Unusual language, this English.

Unusual moment in time for me in this course, although, since I have never been at Lesson 17 of Haanel’s The Master Keys, perhaps it is premature for me to claim my experience as unusual.

I get glimpses of the ‘me’ of my definite major purpose at times. Sort of like a seafarer in a small boat in high seas: when he crests the swell he can see afar his goal and then the ocean currents pull him into the trough, surrounded on all sides by walls of water.

Short of Mark showing up in flowing robes and staff to part the waters, I guess it’s down to me and my persistence to continue to progress:

Definite Major Purpose

Plan of Action

Positive Mental Attitude

Master Mind Alliance

On second thought, Mark did give me the keys. Now all I have to do is lubricate the lock with the sweat of my daily discipline enlivened with my enthusiasm and gratitude.

I am choosing to be the founder of my definite major purpose.