Week 14 – “Yet there are many who are not ready…” Haanel 14-24.

MKMMA | 0 comments | by Dr. Andrew Millar

And so after several months of intense training, of preparing ourselves, our minds, our habits, we are now stepping forward to easily embrace that which may have seemed formidable in late September.

Our training is such now that this week, when we are asked to embrace the validity that our thoughts create our reality, we easily embrace this working truth. “Thought is the only reality, conditions are but the outward manifestations” 14-25.

I watched the film October Sky with my wife last night. Of course the Hollywood production reduced us to a puddle but the strength and commitment demonstrated by Homer and his crew were terrific to witness. All the requirements for persistence were present beginning with a Definite Major Purpose backed by a burning desire. He seemed to have his posse (MasterMind Alliance) in place before he even had a Plan Of Action. He demonstrated a Positive Mental Attitude time and again.

Homer’s story also happened to demonstrate the Hero’s Journey which I am sure we are all going to learn more about really soon.