Week 11 – Nonplussed ‘In Irons’

MKMMA | 0 comments | by Dr. Andrew Millar

A sailing vessel is ‘in irons’ when it is pointed into the wind, into the direction from whence the wind blows. The sail cannot be filled because the wind blows equally on each side of it. The result is that the boat can make no headway. The skipper tries to steer the boat to one side or the other hoping the wind will finally begin to fill the sails. He is mostly at the mercy of the current or the ocean swells.

This is how my week has felt to me. I have been going through the paces but I feel curiously distant from my DMP and Press Release.

So it is a great new chapter to read from our friend Og. “Always will I take another step.” Do we really have a choice? The Law of Growth suggests not. It seems we progress. It is how we choose to progress that marks our differences. Simply by writing about my sense of confusion it begins to move within me as though the greater current of Universal Mind (Spirit) is slowly shifting my bow across the wind, slowly filling my sails again.

Blog as therapy! Why not? All expression (speaking, writing, dance, drawing, etc.) is a reaching out and connecting to the greater whole.

Haanel (11-28): “The spirit which … reaches its highest development in man is the Universal Mind,…” and (11-29) “By far the greatest discovery of all the centuries is the power of thought.”

I find myself pushing against these claims even as I am learning to direct my thinking in concentrated ways to create what I want. It would seem that I have created for myself an unnecessary quandary. No wonder I feel that I’ve been ‘in irons.’

So, even as I embrace and practice the techniques of mind control, I continue to embrace and practice the techniques of soul transcendence. I realize that they are not self-exclusive, rather self-inclusive.

Truth is truth, how can it be anything but itself? And that which is true for one may be different for another. That which is true for me today may well (hopefully) change tomorrow. The traveler on the valley floor sees a different truth than the traveler higher in the hills, it doesn’t make either of them less so.

I truly love this discipline that Mark and Davene are bringing to us. I’ve heard it said “use something as long as it works for you and if it stops working, have the wit to move to something that does.” I declare that as a cohort of students in this MKMMA, we have had the wit to move to something that does work for us!

In sailing, the exact opposite of a boat head-first into the wind, ‘in irons’, is when the boat’s completely turned around with its sail fully extended, ‘running before the wind.’